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The Roosevelt & She Has A Name
Coffee Tasting Event 

For this class project, I was to select a cause I support and create an event around it. 
She Has A Name will be collaborating with the Roosevelt Cafe in creating a ‘Coffee Tasting’ event in the month of January (National Slavery and Human Trafficking prevention Month) to help raise awareness, and receive donations from guests ranging from college students/ young professionals, to older adults. The coffee tasting will be featuring different types of coffee from different locations and different roast ranges, as well as the selling of the different pastries you can find at the Roosevelt.

Art Direction, graphic design, & illustration

School: Columbus College of Art & Design
Professor: David Schirtzinger

Deliverables: print media, social media, guerrilla ad, event merchandise
Drawing Reference: India Jade Orban, Ali Prater

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