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Close Quarters Social Gaming Club Social Media Campaign 2018

CQ is a social club that is available to all hardcore and casual gamers throughout Columbus Ohio when they need a place to socialize, familiarize, learn and bond. The goal for this social media campaign is to bring in more newcomers and casual gamers who would like to become more social and discuss as well as partake in their interests in video games to help build a stronger gaming community. The content feature will be photos and graphics that give a friendly, relatable feel to the audience, as well as give them the opportunity to get to know some of the CQ members. This campaign would be posted live on Instagram and Facebook and will last about 3 months.

Art Direction, Layouts, Edits & Design: Jazzy Okami
Photography: Zack Sanderson
Models: Lisa Steward, Jazzy Okami, Blake Compton, Hakim Callwood, Alex Hogan, Zack Sanderson

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