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Batch Music Service:
"Local music, All ways and all forms."

Invention of a music streaming/ social media service that helps smaller artist make a living, and for people to create an account & enter in their zip code to become exposed to musical artists around their city. Nowadays, the way streaming services work, artists generally do not make as much money as they used to, and newer, smaller artists who do not have funds and resources to help promote themselves get
overshadowed by popular artists.

This is for people to experience music in a more personable, perhaps more tangible way. They will be able to follow local artists, buy their merchandise, donate to them, see their posts and videos, as well as know when concerts are and buy tickets. 

Art Direction, graphic design, photography,  & motion design


School: Columbus College of Art & Design
Professor: James Lutz

Deliverables: Print media, UX/UI for mobile app & desktop app/site, launch invitation, guerrilla ad 
Photography: Madison McConkie, Claudia Jackson
Models: Claudia Jackson, Matty McClleland, Jonny Davis, Mariah Lynn, India Jade Orban, Jazzy Okami, Dennis Baek

Batch extension:
"Fresh Batch Of the Month"

This is a concept for Batch's  Fresh Batch Of the Month"; Batch's way of promoting their featured artist(s) for each month. Batch will promote their artist(s) of the month by creating print media, film acoustic performances, short video ads, and interviews. Behind the scenes videos and outtakes will also be posted. The band or artist will be featured on their home page and landing pages of the Batch app.

Art Direction, graphic design, photography,  & motion design


Deliverables: Print media, mobile app, desktop app/site, bts interview, music video teaser, acoustic performance trailer 
Photography: Madison McConkie
Models: The Spouts

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