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A Cold Wall*: Tekkonkinkreet x Stand Up For Kids line/campaign

This campaign was planned to create something that would help a younger audience give back to something they could possibly relate to. Clothes and fashion have always been an ‘in’ thing, and street fashion (for what it is) can be pretty expensive. Tying streetwear to street kids who are homeless such as the main characters from the Japanese animated comic & movie Tekkonkinkreet in hopes to form a connection that will lead to donations,  Proceeds from this limited edition clothing line would go to Stand Up For Kids; a charity that helps and supports
homeless youth.


Deliverables: Print media, lookbook, website, commercial ad, merchandise, branding

Art Direction, layout design, photography, & graphic design: Jazzy Okami
Logo & branding: Anthony Tauro-Smith
Photography: Madison McConkie, Claudia Jackson, Emma Stephens
Models: Will Larchian, Jahliya Willis, Sam Harvey, Zinyue Yin (Zoey), Anthony Tauro-Smith, Jazzy Okami


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